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Target is to raise £350

Raised so far: £375.00 (£375.00 online + £0.00 offline)

i am raising money for the Rohingya people.

With no media coverage and ongoing problems for the people of Rohingya i am here to raise awareness as well as money to help them who are in desperate need.

Muslim Rohingya face discrimination and violence from the Buddhist majority in the country, also called Myanmar. Their plight generally goes unnoticed by the world at large, even though some rights activists say their persecution amounts to ethnic cleansing.

Please donate to help this very needy and desperate cause and if you are unable to donate please do the Rohingyan people a favor by sharing this link with your friends and family.

Myanmar (Burma) - The hidden genocide.

Please donate generously:

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Well done..BIG heart for a lil man :-)


Good luck kashi make dua inshallah


Good luck my darling


Make dua for me


Take a selfie at the top


Good luck and Allah give you the strength and courage to complete the trek.


Best of luck bro. Insha'allah you finish the trek.
Funks & the guys at Flute


Anonymous donation :]


Inshallah have a safe trekk


Good luck


Keep the good work up!!


May Allah reward inshallah you for the good work.


Anonymous donation :]


Hope you reach your target in shaa allah :) May Allah reward you for your efforts


May Allah reward you in your efforts Ameen


Anonymous donation :]


You can do it bro!

Join us! Be part of tangible change!

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