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Rohingya Millions Team

Target is to raise £5,000

Raised so far: £15.00 (£15.00 online + £0.00 offline)

Hi there

This year, our focus and support reaches out to one of the world's most neglected and abused communities - The Rohingya.

As you know in the recent news, thousands have washed up on the shores of Indonesia. We want to raise £5,000 towards the RestlessBeings Rohingya Campaign to provide the immediate aid as well as a longer term rebuilding programme for thousands of Rohingya refugees who are in desperate need of food, shelter, clothing and medical attention.

Please support us in the great time of need to raise as much as possible and do all we can as fellow human beings standing in solidarity with this community.

Donate however little or large - every penny matters and will make an unshakeable difference.
To find out more about this campaign, visit >

Or if you know enough, please click the donate button, and lets collectively raise this 5k!

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its a great effort you do to help others people may allah bless you


Every little helps! Here is something to get started.

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